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Dr. Stephanie Hurder


Dr. Stephanie Hurder

Dr. Stephanie Hurder is a Founding Economist of Prysm Group, a firm that specializes in economic and governance design for distributed ledger-based projects. She is a frequent keynote speaker and lecturer on economics and DLT. Recent speaking appearances include Consensus, SXSW, Polychain Capital, and the IBM Blockchain Accelerator. Her research on the economics of blockchain has been presented at Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, DARPA, and the Federal Reserve of Cleveland. Dr. Hurder is an advisor to blockchain projects at the World Economic Forum, a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Cyber-Physical Systems and the Internet of Things at USC, and a contributor to the MIT Cryptoeconomics Lab blog.

Prior to co-founding Prysm Group, Dr. Hurder held economics research positions at MIT Sloan and Merrill Lynch. While a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, Dr. Hurder was selected as an Ambassador to the BCG Henderson Institute and co-authored multiple publications on organizational effectiveness and design. Dr. Hurder is deeply committed to ensuring all individuals have access to quality labor market opportunities. She is a founding board member and former Board Chair of Libertas College Prep, the top-performing middle school in South LA, and is the founder of retrain.LA, a website focused on education, adult training, and the workplace.

Dr. Hurder holds an AB in Mathematics Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude, an AM in Economics, and a PhD in Business Economics from Harvard University, where she studied under Claudia Goldin and Nobel Laureate Al Roth.

Recent speaking appearances include Consensus, SXSW, Polychain Capital, and the IBM Blockchain Accelerator

SXSW - Cryptoeconomics 101: Beyond Tokens
Dr. Stephanie Hurder discussing cryptoeconomics design beyond the use of tokens during the SXSW official blockchain track.

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