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What Economics Does for Blockchain Platforms

User Adoption Drives Platform Value

Economics drives a platform's ability to maximize user adoption, dictate a user's choice over an alternative platform, and define user value generating behavior.

Value of economics

"Economists have spent decades thinking about the design of markets and incentives, and this work has found new applications in the digital economy."

- Prof. Susan Athey, Stanford University

How Prysm Group Leverages Economic Knowledge

Research-Driven Economic Design

Prysm Group leverages decades of economic research in order to develop its tool kit and processes in approaching areas of design including contract, market, information system, and monetary policy.

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From corporations to investment funds, Prysm Group assists a broad range of entities in pioneering emerging technologies. Prysm Group's proven research-driven approach brings the clarity and understanding needed to deliver innovation and stakeholder value.

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