At the Forefront of Blockchain Economic Research

Prysm Group economic researchers partner with the leading academic, government, and private institutions conducting research initiatives in the space. Together, they push the boundaries of knowledge in understanding how economic sciences can provide insight for the application of blockchain technology.

A Framework for the Economics of Blockchain House

A Framework for the Economics of Blockchain

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Network Effects for Emerging Technologies

This report provides a framework detailing the types of network effects that exist, and discusses bootstrapping techniques and equilibrium dynamics commonly associated with network effects.

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Blockchain and Coordination Games: Failures and Focal Points

Dr. Stephanie Hurder presents Blockchain Upgrade as a Coordination Game at Blockchain at Berkeley's Crypto Economics Security Conference (CESC) to share why bespoke governance design is essential for successful blockchain platforms.
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Tokens: Investment Vehicle or Medium of Exchange (Not Both)

Dr. Barrera explains key findings from Prof. Catalini and Prof. Gans' research paper on the value of tokens.

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