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Dr. Cathy Barrera


Dr. Cathy Barrera

Dr. Cathy Barrera is a Founding Economist of Prysm Group, a firm that specializes in economic and governance design for distributed ledger-based projects. She is a frequent keynote speaker and lecturer on economics and DLT. Recent and upcoming speaking appearances include Consensus, SXSW, Blockchain Revolution Global, and the IBM Blockchain Accelerator. Her research on the economics of blockchain has been presented at Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, DARPA, and the Federal Reserve of Cleveland. Dr. Barrera is an advisor to blockchain projects at the World Economic Forum, a Collaborator of the MIT Cryptoeconomics Lab and is an industry expert for MIT’s executive education course, Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application.

Dr. Barrera was previously tenure-track faculty at the S.C. Johnson School of Management at Cornell University, and has appeared as a seminar speaker or guest lecturer at schools including Harvard, MIT, Columbia, NYU, Fordham, Cornell Tech, University of Toronto, and University of Southern California. Prior to co-founding Prysm Group, Dr. Barrera was the Chief Economist at ZipRecruiter.

Dr. Barrera received her BA from Northwestern University, where she majored in Communication Studies, Economics and Mathematics. She holds an MSc in Applicable Mathematics from the London School of Economics and a PhD in Business Economics from Harvard University, where she studied under Nobel Laureate Oliver Hart.

Recent speaking appearances include Consensus, SXSW, DARPA, and the IBM Blockchain Accelerator

SXSW 2019 - Blockchain Governance: Challenges and Opportunity
Dr. Cathy Barrera presents the challenges and framework for blockchain governance design during the SXSW official blockchain track.
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