Bringing Clarity and Actionable Insight into Blockchain Technology

Prysm Group's educational initiatives, in partnership with the leading academic and private institutions, provide the foundation for business, government, and startup leaders in understanding the economic impact of this breakthrough technology and how they may best capture the value it will create.

Cryptoeconomics, Tokenomics, and the Economics of Blockchain

Held at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, this Prysm Group-led course provided attending computer scientists and engineers an introduction to applicable economics for blockchain.

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The Economics of Blockchain for Enterprise Adoption

Prysm Group joined the Columbia IBM Blockchain Network Accelerator to lead its Token Economics module and co-led the Governance module for growth stage companies.

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Prysm Group's mission to bring sound
economics to the market has reached key milestones. Corporations interested in implementing blockchain technology solutions for their organizations should take notice.
Donna Redel, Blockchain Lead at New York Angels, Former Chairman of the Commodity Exchange and Managing Director of the World Economic Forum

What Economics Can Teach Us About Investing in Blockchain

Prysm Group joined angel investment group Tech Coast Angels to provide a masterclass discussing a framework for evaluating token and blockchain investments.

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