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Dr. Preston McAfee


Dr. Preston McAfee

Dr. Preston McAfee recently served as the Chief Economist of Microsoft from 2014 through 2018. Dr. McAfee is the co-recipient of a Golden Goose award in 2014 for his research on auction design. His work focuses on auctions, bundling, contracting, and mechanism design in the intercept between microeconomics and computer science leading initiatives straddling social science, computer science, and business strategy. Dr. McAfee was previously Chief Economist of Yahoo, Research Director at Google, and the J. Stanley Johnson Professor of Business, Economics, and Management at Caltech. He has served as a consultant to the US Department of Justice, the FTC, and the FCC.

Dr. McAfee holds a BA in Economics from the University of Florida, an MS in both Economics and Mathematics and a PhD in Economics from Purdue University.

Dr. McAfee has been Chief Economist at Microsoft & Yahoo, Research Director at Google, and Professor of Economics at Caltech

Unlocking the Value of Blockchain Technology
Dr. Preston McAfee in a conversation with Dr. Stephanie Hurder at SXSW discussing how economics empowers this breakthrough industry.

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